Vista by Chroma-Q technical bulletins

In this support section you will find technical bulletins for common technical support requests.

If you continue to have questions about any particular issue you may be having then please submit a support request.

Technical Bulletin Title:

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Windows DMX channel dongle troubleshooting – How to install the dongle driver manually.

MacOS DMX channel dongle troubleshooting – How to check current driver installation and  install the dongle driver manually.

Manually updating Vista MV/EX Firmware – How to re-push console firmware when stuck in “bossa/SAM-BA” mode.

Windows console USB driver troubleshooting – How to uninstall and reinstall Vista control surface + UD512 Windows USB drivers. 

Manually disable console mode– How to manually edit the windows registry to disable “Console mode”.

Working with Midi and LTC in Vista 3– How to work with midi and convert LTC to MTC for use with consoles with no 5 pin din connection. 

Importing custom fixtures into Vista 3 – How to add custom fixtures to Vista’s user library. 

Vista 2 L5 + I3 conversion to Vista 3– How to upgrade your L5 and (Post 2013)  I3 to Vista 3