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“My lighting fixtures periodically blackout, how do I solve this?”

If the Vista application does not detect the DMX channel license, data output will periodically blackout.

Manually install the latest dongle driver. Instructions are available for both Windows and MacOS operating systems.


“When starting the application I get a device in “SAMBA” error message , how do I solve this?”

If a firmware push to a MV or EX console has been interrupted you may be presented with this message. 

Manually reflash and push the latest firmware. Instructions for both Windows and MacOS can be found here.


“My Windows PC does not recognise my console hardware, how do I solve this?”

This can sometimes happen if the installation has not installed correctly, or a Windows OS update has occurred.

Please follow the Windows USB driver troubleshooting technical bulletin and reinstall the Vista drivers. 

If the above technical bulletins do not solve your issue, or you would like to ask a different question: