Vista MV Control Surface

The cost-effective Vista MV control surface can be used as a standalone controller, when connected to a host PC or Mac running the Vista 3 software. It features 5 customisable playback faders and 15 assignable buttons.

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Vista by Chroma-Q MV control surface


The cost-effective Vista MV can be used as a powerful, yet intuitive, standalone controller, when connected to a host PC or Mac running the Vista 3 software.

Harnessing all of the features and advantages of the latest Vista 3 lighting and media control software, the Vista MV is a cost-effective, compact, control surface that is capable of delivering small to large scale shows.

Featuring 5 customisable playback faders and 15 assignable buttons, the Vista MV ensures that you have enough physical controls, whilst providing the flexibility to adapt to any genre of show or event. The Vista MV also features 4 function keys, which, when combined with the 15 playback buttons offers up to an incredible 75, user definable, actions per page, providing unrivalled control from a unit that is so compact.

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Key features

  • Compact design
  • USB powered
  • 2 physical DMX outputs
  • 5 playback faders
  • Grand Master intensity fader
  • 15 assignable buttons
  • 4 function keys
  • Unlimited pages
  • RGB backlit keys
  • DMX channels determined by dongle

Ordering information

ProductProduct code
MV with no universesCQ675-1000
MV with 128 channels / 0.25 universesCQ675-1128
MV with 256 channels / 0.5 universesCQ675-1256
MV with 512 channels / 1 universeCQ675-1512
MV with 1024 channels / 2 universesCQ675-1024
MV with 2048 channels / 4 universesCQ675-2048
MV with 4096 channels / 8 universesCQ675-4096
MV with 8192 channels / 16 universesCQ675-8192

Ordering information

Product Product code
MV with no universes CQ675-1000

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