Vista by Chroma-Q FAQs

What happened with Jands Vista?

On June 5th 2018, Chroma-Q acquired the Jands Vista lighting & media control system.

Is Chroma-Q also taking over the software development?

Yes, the software development is now under Chroma-Q but the team behind it remains the same and new developers will join the team to accelerate the process and launch exciting new features.

Will Chroma-Q produce future Vista hardware?

Yes, all future hardware, including the newly announced MV and EX, will be designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada.

Is there any current Jands Vista product that will be transferred to Chroma-Q?

The UD512 USB to DMX interface cable and DMX dongle licences will be transferred to Chroma-Q.

Will Chroma-Q still honour the Vista 2 licenses sold under Jands?

Yes the new Vista 3 software will work with previous dongles.

What about the hardware warranty?

The “A.C. Group” and its partners will honour the existing manufacturer warranty on Jands Vista products.

What about Support for Vista by Chroma-Q and Jands Vista?

Vista by Chroma-Q products and previous Jands Vista products will be supported through the same network of qualified technicians.

What is the new website for Vista by Chroma-Q?

The main website for Vista by Chroma-Q is

The Vista by Chroma-Q users forum is

How can I contact Vista by Chroma-Q?

Vista Software / Hardware FAQs

Will existing Jands hardware work with Vista 3?

The following items are compatible with Vista 3:
UD512, M1, S1, S3, I3s*, L5s**.

*Manufactured after January 2013 (serial numbers post A13XXXX) and after an operating system update.

**After some mandatory hardware and operating system updates.

The Vista 3 software is not compatible with the D1 playback processor.

Will my existing Vista 2 showfiles work with Vista 3?

Yes. All showfiles and user data is forwards compatible from 2 to 3. You will be automatically asked if you wish to import your Vista 2 data when first launching Vista 3. 

What are the minimum system requirements?


  • Windows 10 and Windows 11 (Pro 64 bit recommended) for UD512, M1, S1 & S3
  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit for I3 & L5
  • Windows OS prior to Windows 10 are not supported


  • MacOS Monterey (version 12.x) to Sonoma (version 14.x).
  • MacOS versions prior to Monteray are not supported.

Both platforms

  • Intel® processor i3 (i5 or better recommended)
  • Apple Silicon is currently supported through Rosetta translation
  • 4GB of RAM (8GB or higher recommended)
  • 4GB of available hard disk space

Where do I download the latest Vista 3 software?

The Vista 3 software is available from the link on this page