About the Stage CL

The Stage CL is an easy to use lighting console that offers simple, consistent control of LEDs or dimmers. Up to 24 fixtures or groups can be accessed through the physical & touch screen interface.

Lighting enhances any event or performance and excites the audience. With the multi award-winning Stage CL console, and with very little training, you can produce great looking shows that bring your LEDs to life.

The operator-friendly Stage CL has a touchscreen LCD panel and intuitive manual controls that are easy to learn and use. Even with no previous lighting experience, the in-built automation helps you create sophisticated shows, quickly and easily.

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Simple physical control:

Capable of controlling up to 24 fixtures or groups, each control channel has a traditional fader and flash button to set the intensity levels. In addition, above each fader, each channel has a saturation encoder and a hue encoder that you can twist to set your desired colour. As you turn the dials an LED on the channel changes to mimic the colour that you’re creating on the physical fixture.

Easy to understand touch-screen interface:

You can do just about everything without needing the screen, but when you want to access the finer details the Stage CL’s touch-screen display provides an easy to use interface. Here you can patch your fixtures, monitor playback, edit scenes, chases and cues, apply presets and set up your console preferences.

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Snap 2019-12-17 at 11.41.53

Factory standard presets and effects:

The Stage CL comes pre-loaded with lots of default presets, complementary looks and chases. Quickly and effortlessly create great looking shows, even with limited lighting programming experience.

Take live control:

The Stage CL offers numerous features that are great for scenarios where you are working “live” and need to make accurate changes on the fly. A fade time encoder allows you to transition from one preset or scene to the next, resulting in a smooth state change on stage. Furthermore, the Stage CL has a “Snapshot” feature that holds the current look on stage whilst allowing you to adjust all of your controls to create the next look. Coupled with physical tap-tempo controls and sound to light options you can be assured that you always have accurate control at your fingertips.

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One-press recording:

To record a sequence, simply create your desired look, press the Record button and then press one of the scene, chase or cuelist buttons. No complicated menus or options, just simple “store what you see” functionality.

Key Features

  • 12 Hands-on faders, flash buttons, hue and saturation dials, select buttons and LED colour mimics.
  • Up to 24 fixture groups (2 pages of 12) and 72 submasters (6 pages of 12)
  • Independent scene play/release buttons
  • Independent chase play/release buttons
  • Theatre style cue list
  • Fade rate and chase tempo dials.
  • “Sound to light” functionality
  • Comprehensive fixture library
  • Built in fixture editor
  • 512 Channels via DMX & Ethernet (Artnet/sACN) outputs
  • Backup show files to a USB flash drive