Software and fixture downloads

The latest Stage CL software, and accompanying support documentation, can be found below.

The current Stage CL release version is Stage CL 1.3.19526.

New features and improvements:

  • External peripheral support: The Stage CL now supports the use of an external USB keyboard (US only)
  • Fixture support: The Stage CL’s factory library has been updated to include the latest fixtures.
  • Lime colour algorithms: Lime is now a common colour found in modern LED fixtures. As such, Lime has been added to the Stage CL colour mix. Lime will be automatically introduced as part of Stage CL normal operation.

For more details, and to view a complete list of all of the enhancements, please read the release notes.

As time passes we will keep the below “fixture library” folder updated with the latest library releases.

If you have any questions, or are experiencing issues downloading the software, please submit a technical support request.

Warning, opening/decompressing the update file will corrupt the installer and prevent it from installing properly on the console.  Verify that your browser settings do not automatically open the file.  Additionally, do not use Google Chrome to download the file as it will attempt to decompress automatically and corrupt the file.