Advanced Vista by Chroma-Q Training at LDInstitute

Vista by Chroma-Q, in partnership with A.C. Lighting Inc., is excited to be a part of the LDInstitute hosting Vista by Chroma-Q training.

Taught by Jack Moorhouse, Vista by-Chroma-Q’s Product Specialist (A.C. Entertainment Technologies), this advanced training course aims to recap the essential building blocks and features of Vista whilst at the same time explaining and demonstrating all of Vista’s user-customizable preferences and advanced functionality.

Each participant will receive a 512-channel dongle.

Course Content Includes:

  • Pixel mapping
  • Controlling media servers with Vista
    • Creative possibilities with NDI (new)
  • How to keep your lights in sync with musical tracks & live scenarios
    • FX Masters
    • Ableton link (new)
  • How to manage large libraries of songs and play them back seamlessly (no matter the show/service order)
    • Snapshots & Workspaces
    • Inserted commands
  • Programming shortcuts and tips and tricks
  • How to speed up programming with the help of the command line
  • Extracts and how they can be used
  • Blocking, superblocking, and Alias cues
  • Learn timing and timecode
  • Advanced patching – transforms, fixture cloning, and swapping
  • Advanced sorts and selection orders
  • A glimpse into R5

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